1. Lost Generation EP

  2. Daybreaker EP

  3. The Extra Mile EP

  4. Reality Check EP
    Coman Dante

  5. Surplus MK I EP

  6. An Acid Diaper EP
    Acid Diaper

  7. Bastards EP
    Triamer & Nagato

  8. Vox EP

  9. Outbreak EP
    Blast, Fragz, C-Netik, Bsa

  10. Free Releases

  11. Stalker / Teroma (Remix)
    Counterstrike, Cooh

  12. Invictus LP

  13. Come Close EP

  14. Burn It / Connect The Cuts
    Sinister Souls, Freqax

  15. The New World Disorder LP

  16. Yellow-Stripe Essentials #1
    Various Artists

  17. Discordant EP
    C-Netik, eRRe, Bratkilla, Syrinx

  18. Dark Rituals EP
    eRRe, Fragz, Hardlogik, C-Netik, BSA, Infamous

  19. First Blood / Cut And Run

  20. Neuronord / Serial Fracture
    Current Value

  21. Tremor / Maintainer
    Current Value

  22. Back To The Future EP
    BSA, Cooh, Mystification

  23. Hatred Written In Fire / Dirty Seeds Rip
    Dylan, Kitech

  24. Alien Menace / Original Faith
    C-Netik, Synrix, Switch Technique

  25. Fuck The System EP

  26. The Militia Remixes
    Dkaos, Fragz, C-Netik, Angel, Dinamix

  27. Lumpeth / Various Castrations

  28. Nefertitie / Corona Virus
    Bratkilla, C-Netik, Syrebral

  29. The Atmosphere of Destruction LP
    Gancher & Ruin, The Panacea, C.A.2K

  30. They Are Here EP
    Fragz, Cooh, Hallucinator

  31. Dream On / Game Makers
    BSA, C.A.2K

  32. ID / Devil Has A Name
    Machine Code, The Panacea, I:Gor

  33. We Are The Virus EP
    Dkaos, Cooh, Fragz, Treo

  34. Crowd Surfer (Remix) / Cardiak Arrest
    Counterstrike, Cooh, The Outside Agency, Memtrix, Mathizm

  35. Devoted / Upside Down House
    Switch Technique, Freqax

  36. Catatonic State EP
    C-Netik, Gancher & Ruin, Fragz, Synrix

  37. Human Bodies / Trachno
    Hallucinator, Dkaos

  38. Open Your Mind / Six Feet Ditch
    Cooh, C-Netik, Fragz

  39. Chaos Reinvented EP
    Fragz, Zardonic, Cooh

  40. Vicious Circle / Oren Ishii
    Memtrix, C-Netik, Fragz, YmB

  41. Political Crime / Violence Won't Stop
    Freqax, Switch Technique

  42. Militia EP
    C-Netik, Fragz, Dkaos, BSA

  43. Rotation / Splinter Cell
    Lucio de Rimanez, Fragz

  44. Teroma / I Scream
    Cooh, Lucio de Rimanez, Dereck

  45. Legacy / The Sense Of Mastery
    Nanotek, Gancher, BSA

  46. ID / Run & Hide
    Machine Code, Katharsys, Forbidden Society

  47. Switch / Side
    Dkaos, Gancher

  48. Crowd Surfer / Hammer
    Counterstrike, Cooh, C-Netik, Gancher & Ruin


Yellow Stripe Recordings Porto, Portugal

Yellow Stripe Recordings is the label project of heavyweight Portugal based promoter and crew Yellow Stripe. Releasing world-renowned hard and dark Drum & Bass, Hardcore and experimental music from a varied roster of well-known and upcoming artists.

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